Equipment Information

D.O.T. Approved Portable tanks (IBC's) or Stationary Poly Tanks

When your sanitation needs have grown to the point were drums become to labor intensive to deal with you are faced with this decision. Do we install stationary chemical tanks or do we switch to IBC's.

Forklift Entryway Sanitizing System

Spray Chems Forklift Entryway Sanitizing System attaches to any forklift without the need to drill or bolt anything. Our patented system uses rare earth magnets to allow the installer to quickly outfit any forklift with a sanitizing system with just a few basic tools. Its unique high pressure hand pump dispenses one ounce per application of sanitizer to the wheels of the lift, quickly killing micro organisms on contact. It’s ready to use sanitizers attach quickly and safely to the system using out patented Safety Feeds™

Portable Foaming Cart

This unit draws the premixed solution from the storage tank and provides thick, wet foam that will cling to vertical surfaces. Foam consistency and volume can be easily regulated to provide just the right amount of foam for each application.

Features include:

Non-corrosive pump with polypropylene and Teflon wetted parts
All poly non-corrosive pneumatic tires
Stainless steel construction
Wall mount dilution dispensing station (to ensure accurate dilution of chemical)
25’ foaming hose and wand with shut off and 50’ of air hose

Portable Sanitizing Cart

This unit can be used with any sanitizer without the fear of chemical incompatibility. It comes complete with application hose and air hose.

Features include:

Chemical resistant pump
Stainless steel construction
All poly non-corrosive pneumatic tires
Wall mount dilution dispensing station (for proper dilution of registered sanitizers)

Safe-T-Dose 45

Reduce your exposure to hazardous chemicals and reduce the time to dose a tank for CIP with our Safe-T-Dose 45 Portable Chemical Dispensing system. Simply roll the Safe-T-Dose cart to the location of the tank to be cleaned, hook up the Tri Clover water line and open the flow valve. The water driven pump will draw the preset amount of chemical out of the concentrate drum and mix it to the correct level as it is discharged into the vessel to be processed.