Commercial Water Treatment
Chemical Feed & Control Equipment

Spray Chem Chemical Company has supplied the Water Treatment industry with customized water treatment chemical feed systems and controllers for over 40 years.

Our experience in the Water Treatment industry has taught us how to design water treatment equipment that is reliable, cost effective and easy to operate. Working with our customers allows us to better understand their challenges and enables us to provide equipment and service tailored to their specific needs. Our service techs, backed by our analytical lab provide the support our customers have become accustomed to.

It may be as simple as a Chemical Feed pump mounted to a shelf bracket or as complex as a sophisticated PLC driven controller with a custom touch screen interface panel. Spray Chem has the experience and fabrication ability to design and build these systems completely in house. More importantly, we have the knowledge to install and maintain these systems to ensure that our customers don't have to worry about repairs or application adjustments.

boiler water feed systems

Boiler Water Feed Systems

When it comes to dosing the correct chemicals into a boiler it can be as simple as injecting one chemical or can involve three or more injection and feed points. Some products can be fed directly from the containers they are recieved in while others need to be prediluted prior to feed. Spray Chem can provide customized solutions for all of these needs.

cooling water feed systems

Cooling Water Feed Systems

Scale and corrosion inhibitors need to be dosed in at appropriate levels and at the appropriate times. Add to that the proper biocide to control growth and it becomes a little more complex. Our systems can be set up based on flow and bleed off to control cycles of concentration and do not rely on conductivity controllers which can easily foul causing erroneous readings. They can lock out bleeds after Biocide feed to limit loss and more.

specialty equipment

Specialty Equipment

Need to add a biocide into drip emmitters in an orchard where there is no power? At Spray Chem we constantly stay ahead of the game by designing and installing customized feed systems and specialty products to address industry needs such as this water driven innjection system or a propylene glycol dosing or dilution station for things like potassium sorbate, food grade ethanol, or enzyme feed. You name it, we can build it.