Beverage Manufacturing, Packaging & Processing
Chemical Feed & Control Equipment

Spray Chem Chemical Company has supplied the Beverage industry with customized equipment designed specifically to apply the products it manufactures for cleaning & sanitizing systems related to beverage manufacturing and packaging.

Our experience in the Beverage industry has taught us how to build and maintian specialty equipment to properly apply the cleaners and sanitizers that we manufacture. Our experience helps keep our customers products safe from contamination. Our technical support ensures that our customers equipment is maintained efficiently, safely and economically.

Working with our customers allows us to better understand their challenges and enables us to provide equipment tailored to their specific needs. Our service techs provide the support our customers have become accustomed to in maintaining the systems they rely on daily to address their cleaning needs.

Whether it's help in installing a simple dosing pump, or design and installation of a customized chemical dosing system, we have the resources to ensure that our customer’s needs are taken care of in a timely manner.

beer sanitation equipment

Beer Sanitation Equipment

If you need to automate your manual CIP system with chemical dosing and batch control along with history data logging, give us a try. We're really good at these types of things. We can start with what you have and add on to whatever level of sophistication you need. We have the ability to make it as simple or complex as you desire.

wine sanitation equipment

Wine Sanitation Equipment

This is an example of our capability when it comes to creating a solution to our customers needs. This portable cart doses peracetic acid sanitizer directly into a tank at up to 45 GPM without the worker ever coming into contact with the concentrated product. It also allows the worker to use the cart as an external equipment sanitizer with it's on board hose and stainless steel wand.

juice sanitation equipment footwear sanitizing unit

Juice Sanitation Equipment

Workers in food plants are responsible for many cross contamination issues, especially in juice plants were processing areas can remain wet for most of the production day. Workers entering into tank farms or filling areas can carry micro organisms in on the soles of their shoes. This simple foot sanitizer can help minimize the chances of cross contamination.