Specialty Products
Chemical Feed & Control Equipment

Spray Chem Chemical Company has supplied specialty products for a vast varity of applications for over 40 years.

Our experience in providing customized chemical products to address unique situations has taught us how to select the correct products and more importantly, how to properly apply them to solve our customer's issues. Our technical support ensures that no matter what the situation requires we can provide the solution efficiently, safely and economically.

Working with our customers allows us to better understand their challenges and enables us to provide a product and service tailored to their specific needs. Our service techs, backed by our analytical lab provide the support our customers have become accustomed to.

Whether its waste water, a special dispensing application or design and installation of a customized chemical dosing system, we have the resources to ensure that our customer’s needs are taken care of in a timely manner.

metal finishing equipment

Metal Finishing Equipment

This is a side stream filtration unit designed to continuously filter out suspended solids in chemical baths. It can accept bag filter sizes from 5 Micron to 1000 Micron and has diffrential gauges and bypass valves to replace bags without shutting down the process. The filter can handle flows up to 75 GPM with proper bag selection.

vehicle and machinery cleaning equipment

Vehicle & Machinery Cleaning Equipment

Application of the cleaner is as important as proper selection of the correct cleaning product. Improper application of cleaners can cause streaking and staining of surfaces such as aluminum and equipment enamels. The foam cart on the left applies the cleaner evenly to reduce streaking and its handy dilution station ensures that the ratio of cleaner is the same every time.

waste water equipment

Waste Water Equipment

Almost every operation that uses water in some form is required to treat their effluent prior to discharge into a POTW. (publically owned treatment works). It may be as simple as pH adjustment or could involve numerous steps such as grease and oil removal, suspended solids removal, BOD reduction, etc. At Spray Chem we can design the appropriate feed systems to properly apply the products needed to treat your waste prior to discharge.