Product Resources

Enviro Bac 2

Quat sanitizer. Non corrosive, worker safe. Good penetration into cracks and crevices. Excellent residual.


Famic is a powdered combination of special acid ingredients which rapidly dissolve calcium and magnesium salts. Fast acting and good dissolving capabilities allow it to cut through alkaline films and hard water deposits more easily and quickly than most heavy duty acid cleaners.

Floor Clean

FLOOR CLEAN - is a powdered medium duty alkaline cleaner designed for manual cleaning of concrete, brick, and tile floors,

Floor Guard

FLOOR GUARD is a highly unique floor treatment and cleaner that is designed to relieve concerns of cleanliness and cross contamination on floors in production rooms, cool rooms, freezers, cold storage areas, and anywhere there is foot or forklift traffic. The beads are air-dried and light density, and the weight of the shoe or tire will burst the bead, releasing the active ingredients and coating the tire or shoe. Floors may be wet or dry before addition of FLOOR GUARD, depending on the conditions of its intended use. However, FLOOR GUARD is completely water soluble and dissolvable, and leaves no particulate residue after rinsing.

Jet Clean

JET CLEAN is a moderate foaming, multi purpose, medium duty, liquid alkaline cleaner that emulsifies fats and oils, and cleans a wide variety of food soils.

Knock Off CIP

KNOCK OFF is a liquid caustic cleaner that contains specially formulated additives. The additives are a blend of water conditioners, chelates, surfactants, and corrosion inhibitors. Very low foaming. Ideal for CIP applications.

Liquid Keg Cleaner

LIQUID KEG CLEANER is a very concentrated cleaner designed especially to remove heavy calcium oxalate scale (beer stone) from the contact surfaces of kegs. It’s superior chelating properties also make it ideal for soaking keg stems to remove heavily build up scale in kegs that have not been properly cleaned after each use.

Melt Down (liquid)

Melt Down removes hard water scale, beerstone, milkstone, corrosion and other hard deposits from pipelines, pasteurizers, evaporators, vats, tanks, coolers and other stainless steel equipment normally found in food processing plants. Non-foaming acid blend containing high nitric. Use for passivation of SS.


Chlorine based sanitizer.


Orbit is a liquid, chlorinated, heavy duty alkaline cleaner formulated for CIP cleaning in food processing plants.