Manual & Automated Forklift Entryway Sanitizing Systems

Spray Chems Forklift Entryway Sanitizing System attaches to any forklift without the need to drill or bolt anything. Our patented system uses rare earth magnets to allow the installer to quickly outfit any forklift with a sanitizing system with just a few basic tools. Its unique high pressure pump dispenses one ounce per application of sanitizer to the wheels of the lift, quickly killing micro organisms on contact. It’s ready to use sanitizers attach quickly and safely to the system using out patented Safety Feeds™

The fully automated system automatically sprays sanitizer to the tires when entering critical control areas by utilizing it proprietary triggering system to energize the chemical feed pump. This system uses a Kobalt battery power supply.

Our manual system requires the operator to depress a pump located alongside the driver to apply the sanitizer to the wheels of the lift. This system does not require batteries and is a less expensive option than our fully automated system

Automated Video    Automated Brochure    Automated Installation Manual

Manual Video    Manual Brochure   Manual Installation Manual