Dealing with COVID-19 in Food Facilities


Controlling COVID-19 transmission in food processing facilities and throughout the food system has challenged industry in unprecedented ways. Efforts to-date have largely focused on reactive measures (e.g., implementation of social distancing though installation of plexiglass barriers) and crisis response. As we enter what we hope will be the next phase of the COVID-19 pandemic, the food industry will have to focus on institutionalizing appropriate strategies and controls to reduce the risk of COVID-19 related illnesses, business interruptions and associated enterprise risks including legal liability and reputational risks.

This webinar will discuss key mitigation strategies, including the need to validate and verify the effectiveness and execution of these controls, including how to develop and foster a company culture that focuses on COVID-19 control both within and outside the workplace.

Presenters include Dr. Martin Wiedmann (Gellert Family Professor of Food Safety, Cornell University) and Ms. Melanie Neumann, J.D., M.S. (EVP & General Counsel, Matrix Sciences International, Inc.). Following the presentations, there will be a Q & A moderated by Dr. Sam Alcaine (Assistant Professor in Food Science, Cornell University).


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