Back to Work Kit

Covid 19 (the Corona Virus) is suspected of being able to survive on surfaces for extended periods of time. As we become more familiar with this virus we recognize that it can be transferred from one or more individuals onto surfaces such as door knobs, push bars, handles, countertops and more. Anywhere that an infected person touches or even comes close to, has the potential to deposit this virus to that surface. As soon as someone touches that same spot they can pick up this micro-organism and potentially become infected. Our product Sani Clean Pine, has the ability to kill this virus when properly used. Sani Clean Pine can be used on floors, walls, matts, door knobs, countertops, sinks, toilets and many more surfaces that can harbor the virus. It is easily diluted to the proper use level with the "Chemical Dosing Cup". 

Our Back To Work Kit also contains a ready to use hand sanitizer that meets CDC guidelines and an inexpensive atomizing pump sprayer that attaches directly to the one gallon jug for quick & easy application. For Food Contact surfaces we recommend our product" No Track Back II". No Track Back II is a ready to use peracetic acid cleaner sanitizer that is approved for food contact surfaces. It is typically applied by wiping or spraying through a trigger or pump up sprayer.