Safe-T-Dose 45 - Portable Chemical Dispensing system

Reduce your exposure to hazardous chemicals and reduce the time to dose a tank for CIP with our Safe-T-Dose 45 Portable Chemical Dispensing system.

CIP is no longer slow and dangerous. With the SAFE T DOSE 45, the worker simply rolls the cart to the location of the tank to be cleaned, hooks up the Tri Clover water line typically used to fill the tank, and opens the flow valve.

As the water flows into the tank the cleaner is drawn automatically from the chemical concentrate drum and diluted to the exact ratio selected as the discharge fills the tank to the desired level for the CIP at a rate of up to 45 GPM.

Once the operator has added the required amount of water to the tank A simple flip of the pump valve turns off the pump and rinses the line with potable water. Next you disconnect the discharge line from the SAFE T DOSE 45 cart and connect it to your CIP pump and your ready to go!

Download Equipment Brochure (PDF)