Industrial equipment


 Waste Water Floc Station (air operated)
This basic system is simple to operate, Easy to maintain, and capable of processing a wide range of waste streams. Completely air operated.

Bypass Filtration
Inexpensive vessels for use in both potable water and industrial streams. These units can be custom built to fit your specific needs. From single vessel to muli vessel with differential gauges and transfer pumps.
To view a complete line of filter equipment download the FSI master catalog

Commercial Water Softeners
We stock water softeners and multi media filters for potable water, industrial processes, and waste water applications

Fountain Solution Feed Station 
Our fountain solution feed station for the printing press industry can be found on large newspaper production presses world wide.


Automated Chemical Feed System
Our automated chemical feed system will dilute and feed many harsh chemicals without difficulty.
Hydrogen peroxide is known to offgas causing most chemical feed pumps to lose prime. Our system will dilute the peroxide and feed the chemical pump with flooded suction eleminating this problem.