Conveyor Lube

CONVEYOR LUBE is a concentrated chain lubricant recommended for conveyors in federally inspected meat, poultry, shell egg facilities, and conveyor chains in breweries, dairies, wineries, and other beverage plants. 

Package Sizes
4x1gallon, 5 gallon, 15 gallon, 55 gallon, 330 gallon, Bulk

Features and Benefits

  • Economical:  Can be run at dilutions up to 150:1 or greater without loss of lubricity.
  • Foam Control:  Foam will not creep onto bottle labels.
  • Safe:  Can be applied to all metal and plastic surfaces; will not form corrosion spots on cans; will not leave soap scum or dark film on cans and bottles at recommended use levels.  May also be safely used for polyethylene terphthalate plastic bottles.  
  • Easy Application:  Apply with volumetric or conductivity dispensing systems.

Recommended Uses
Conveyor Lube is recommended for lubricating conveyor chains and belts in breweries, wineries, soft drink bottling, fruit juice, poultry, meat, and other food processing plants were there is no direct contact of the lubricant to the food.

Use Instructions
Use Conveyor Lube in dilutions of 75:1 to 150:1.  The exact use concentrations will depend upon conveyor speed, length of chain, load that is being carried, and water hardness.  Your Spray Chem representative will help you determine the most economical concentration for your system.

Conveyor Lube can be used through any dispensing system.  To ensure consistent, accurate product application, a convenient dilution test kit is available for use by your personnel.

Wear safety glasses with shields and rubber gloves when handling this product. 

First Aid
Eyes:  Immediately flush eyes with plenty of clean running water.  Get medical attention if irritation continues. 

External:  In case of contact, immediately flush skin with plenty of clean running water.  Remove contaminated clothing and shoes.  If irritation occurs and persists, get medical attention.

Internal: If swallowed, do not induce vomiting.  Drink a large quantity of milk or water and call a physician. 

DOT Classification Shipping Name
Non regulated Material

Government Regulations
Manufactured in accordance with regulations established for food plants operating under USDA guidelines.

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