Industrial chemicals

Base (liquid)    Download SDS
High foamer. Safe on soft metals.

Chlor-A-Foam (liquid)    Download SDS
High foaming chlorinated caustic cleaner. Excellent for food soils containing large amounts of protein.
Certified Kosher for all purposes.

Jet Clean (liquid)    Download SDS
Medium foaming  cleaner. A good choice for floor scrubbing machines.

Dawnaway (liquid)    Download SDS
Neutral cleaner. High foam. Manual cleaning.

Mold-A-Way (liquid)    Download SDS
High foaming  Chlorinated cleaner. Extremely high level of chlorine kills mold on contact.

Soil Away (liquid)    Download SDS
High foaming butyl based Degreaser. Good wall and floor cleaner.

Tuff Smoke (liquid)    Download SDS
High foaming caustic cleaner. Extremely effective on smoke house soils and badly soiled surfaces. A must for walnut oils on concrete.

Spray Kleen # 7 (liquid)    Download SDS
Concentrated liquid alkaline cleaner designed to remove heavy soil loads from steel and other ferrous metals.  Effectively removes a wide variety of metalworking lubricants and handling soils in a spray washer operation.

Phos Kleen # 13 (liquid)    Download SDS 
A mildly acidic liquid compound for one step cleaning and phosphating iron and steel surfaces. May also be used to prepare aluminum and galvanized surfaces for painting.