Boiler Tech 4250

BOILER TECH 4250 is a concentrated, phosphonate based boiler water treatment with additional chelating agents designed to remove scale buildup in previously fouled boilers.  It is designed for use in low to medium pressure boilers up to 400 psig.

Features and Benefits

  • Versatile:  Functions effectively under a wide range of system conditions.
  • Superior Formulation:  Contains dispersants, sequestrants, scale removers, and scale inhibitors.
  • Easy Application:  Can be fed separately, or fed from common chemical tank.

Recommended Uses
Boiler Tech 4250 is designed for use in low to medium pressure boilers that have been fouled with calcium carbonate scales from hard water feed up to 400 psig.  It should be combined with other products for the control of oxygen in the boiler feed water and corrosion in return line systems.

Use Instructions
The required concentration of Boiler Tech 4250 will depend on the quality of the feed water, boiler conditions, and condensate return.  The concentration normally required will be based on the intended rate of removal of previously deposited scale. Consult your Spray Chem Representative for detailed usage instructions.

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