Boiler Chemical Feed System

The Boiler Chemical Feed Controller eliminates the task of maintaining the “DAY SOLUTION TANK”. Self priming peristaltic pumps dose chemicals into dilution tanks directly from shipping containers, greatly reducing the possibility of chemical spillage and personal injury. Feed tanks are maintained by automatic level controls and are agitated by stainless steel mixers. The diluted chemical solution reduces Corrosiveness extending the life of the equipment. High pressure chemical feed pumps mounted below the tanks have flooded suction and will deliver the mixed solution to the boiler systems. Separate feed tanks eliminate chemical reactions and allow the user to feed each chemical to its correct location for optimum control.  The PLC program has counters, timers, and special functions to aid in monitoring system performance and chemical consumption.  Best of all, dilution tank adjustments and boiler chemical levels are simple to maintain. Adjustments are made at the touch of a button.


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