Alpet E3 Plus Hand Sanitizer

Alpet E3 Plus is a waterless alcohol spray hand sanitizer which eliminates 99.999% of both gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria.   The atomization of Alpet E3 Plus ensures sanitization of the entire surface of the hands including fingertips, nails, and cuticles that are potential harbors for microorganisms, since research indicates 90% of germs are found under the fingernails. 

Package Sizes
48 x 4 ounces, 4x1 gallon, 5 gallon, 50 gallon

Features and Benefits

  • Powerful:  Kills 99.999% of germs in 15 seconds.
  • Enhanced:  Formulated with natural emollients to soften and improve skin conditions.
  • No Touch:  The atomized spray saturates areas of the hand that are often missed during handwashing and may not be properly reached by gels.
  • No Rinse:  Safe for hands to have food contact without rinsing.
  • Ready to Use:  The ready-to-use, alcohol based liquid formula offers more consistency and superior efficacy.
  • Kosher/Pareve:  Kosher and Pareve certified.
  • Unscented

Recommended Uses
Alpet E3 Plus is recommended for hand hygiene control in food processing plants.  It complies with HACCP guidelines.  It helps to improve quality control.  It is recommended in place of Dip Stations, Chlorine washes, Iodine washes, and Quats.  Dip Stations loose efficacy with each use.  It decreases the efficacy and promotes cross contamination.  It is labor intensive, requiring routine monitoring and changing, time consuming, messy towels, and waste water disposal.  Chlorine washes are very heavy on hands and labor involved for refill and testing.  Iodine washes are labor involved for refill and testing.  Quats are also labor involved for refill and testing.  It also has bacteria resistant concerns.  Bacteria cannot become resistant to alcohol.  Alcohol kills bacteria on contact.  25% of all food contamination occurs with poor personal hygiene or poor hand washing.


Government Regulations
Meets current FDA requirements for hand sanitizing compounds.