Alpet D-2 Surface Sanitizer

ALPET D2 SURFACE SANITIZER is a rapid kill, no-rinse sanitizer, disinfectant, virucide, and tuberculocide.  It is a combination of isopropyl alcohol and a powerful four-chain quaternary ammonium compound which kills 99.999% of pathogens.  Alpet D2 meets OSHA blood borne pathogens standard.  It is effective against TB, HIV, HBV, MRSA, and VRE. 

Package Sizes
48 x 4 ounces, 4x1 quart, 12x1 quart, 5 gallon, 50 gallon

Features and Benefits

  • Powerful:  Kills 99.999% of bacteria and viruses.
  • No Rinse:  No wiping or rinsing necessary.  Alpet D2 air dries.
  • Faster:  Disinfects in 5 minutes.
  • Ready to Use:  No mixing of dangerous powders.  No mixing ensures consistent efficacy with each use.
  • Kosher/Pareve:  Kosher and Pareve certified.
  • Safe:  Can be used on food contact surfaces without a rinse. 
  • Non-Corrosive:  Will not harm any metals.

Recommended Uses
Alpet D2 is appropriate use in hospitals, nursing homes, schools, hotels, labs, veterinary clinics, food service establishments, and food processing plants.  It is also ideal for daycares, cruise lines, and municipalities. 

Use Instructions
For Surface Sanitizing
:  Use at full strength for a contact time of one minute.
For Surface Disinfecting:  Use at full strength for a contact time of 5 minutes.  Completely preclean surfaces to be disinfected.  Apply with a sponge, cloth, mechanical sprayer, or by total immersion. 
Mechanical Spray application should be coarse.  Surfaces must be sprayed until thoroughly wetted.  Treated surfaces must remain wet for 5 minutes.
Tuberculocidal Activity:  Exhibits disinfectant efficacy against mycobacterium bovis (BCG) in 5 minutes at 20°C when used as directed on previously cleaned nonporous inanimate surfaces.

Special instructions for cleaning decontaminations against HIV-1 (Aids Virus), and HBV of surfaces or objects soiled with blood or bodily fluids.
Personal Protection:  Wear disposable latex gloves, protective gown, face mask and eye covering, as appropriate, when handling items soiled with blood or body fluids.
Cleaning Procedure:  Blood and other body fluids must be thoroughly cleaned from surfaces and objects before application of this disinfectant.
Contact Time:  Leave surfaces wet for 5 minutes.  (For other organisms identified above allow surfaces to remain wet for 5 minutes).
Disposal of Infectious Materials:  Blood and other body fluids should be autoclaved and disposed of according to federal, state, and local regulations for infectious waste disposal. 

Sanitizing of Food Processing Equipment and Other Hard Nonporous Surfaces in Food Contact Locations:   Wash and rinse all articles thoroughly, then apply.  If articles cannot be washed and rinsed, clean thoroughly in an appropriate manner, then apply.
Mechanical Spray application should be coarse.  Surfaces must be sprayed until thoroughly wetted.  Treated surfaces must remain wet for one minute.
For Hard Surfaces:  Apply by sponge, cloth, brush, or coarse spray.  Surfaces should remain wet for at least one minute followed by adequate draining and air-drying.  Use fresh solution in all applications.  Dishes, silverware, glasses, cooking utensils, and other similar size food processing equipment can be sanitized by immersion.


Government Regulations
Meets current FDA requirements for hand sanitizing compounds. 

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